Black Dawn

It’s time to reveal your secret to undying Black Dawn™ color. Everlasting Black Bronzer combines instant bronzers with DHA for color that lasts all day and night. Nutrient-rich, Endless Moisture Seal Technology hydrates and nourishes for longer-lasting bronze hue that never fades. Seductive Skincare blends luxurious Oils with Aloe and Sea Kelp improving skin elasticity and deeply nourishing for irresistibly soft golden glow. Break the bond of pale with color that is sure to last a thousand years.

  • Everlasting Black Bronzer: Natural bronzers and color enhancers work flawlessly together with DHA for instant and prolonged darkness
  • Endless Moisture Seal Technology: Proprietary blend of ingredients restore, maintain and seal for long term moisturization
  • Seductive Skincare: Mesmerizing blend of Oils, Aloe and Sea Kelp firm, protect and nourish for silky, soft touchable skin
  • Dazzle with this Sunset Rising fragrance