Tower sportCollarium®

Beauty, well-being and a youthful fresh skin – the modern collariums from the house of KBL combine that all.

There is more behind the machines! That shows the SportCollarium® revolution that aims specifically for the needs of athletes: weight loss, attractiveness, injury prevention, health, performance increase, vitality and mobility. Equipped with special developed collagen tubes, the SportCollarium® revolutionD stimulates the collagen production in the body. This has not only a positive effect on the skin appearance; with every application the collagen network is strengthened but also tendons, ligaments and joints. An optional UV light gives the teint a radiant glow and ensures for a soft or a little bit more tan, depending on the desire.

The vitamin D, which is formed in the body during the tanning, stimulates the development of muscle cells and – fibers and promotes the willingness of muscle contraction. Furthermore, vitamin D has a positive effect on the immune system and decreases the risk of diseases like heart attack, stroke and vascular diseases.

Basic informations

Technical data


  • 12 x 180W Collagen Plus (210cm)
  • 14 x 180W  UV tubes (210cm)


  • 8 x 100W Collagen Plus (190cm)
  • 8 x 120W UV tubes (190cm)

Nominal Power (with aircon): 8200W (9600W)

Fuses: 3 x 16A

Standard features

SUN on/off

Sun – it‘s your own choice, you can use it with or withour UV rays.

cpi energy guarantees less energy consumption, more power and longer lifetime of the tubes; enables the setting of all common UV-Norms on the display or at the push of a button (only possible with original tubes).

Intelligent Technology controls, depending on the room temperature, the intensity of the ventilation – and thus the noise level. At the beginning of the tanning session, ACS provides for a gentle start up of the entire ventilation system, after the session has ended the smooth shut down of the Brenner, tubes as well as all the ventilation system is controlled. Pure relaxation!

User-friendly display, which can be operated on the outer side of the sunbed. Thus, a variety of feelgood settings can be easily and quickly set prior to the tanning session.

Optional features

With megaVoice, you can already lie back and relax as soon as you have been welcomed. A soothing voice guides the customer quickly and easily through the user functions of the Sunbed: errors are ruled out, feeling good is guaranteed– right up to the farewell.

musicVibration allows you to feel the vibrations of the music. It generates sound, by allowing larger surfaces acting as membranes vibrate. In this manner, the sound is evenly distributed throughout the tanning tunnel and the sound experience is complete: Feel the music!

The VolumeControl feature controls the volume of the music depending on the output of the body ventilation and relieves the Sunbed user of a constant highering or lowering of the music. This is megarelaxing!

The integrated mp3-Player can be individually programmed with music by the salon operator. A customer’s own mp3-Player can be connected by means of an audio connection. (megaSun 6800 and megaSun 7900a are additionally fitted with a headphones socket)

If so desired, the air can be aromatised during the tanning with aroma concentrates (SUNRISE or DAYDREAM). Optionally, there is also the possibility of aromatising the cabin.